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The National Curriculum...which subjects are compulsory?

The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘Key Stages’ (KS). At the end of each Key Stage, the teacher will formally assess each child’s performance.

Key Stage 1 and 2

Compulsory national curriculum subjects at primary school are:


Schools must provide religious education (RE) but parents can ask for their children to be taken out of the whole lesson or part of it. Local councils are responsible for deciding the RE syllabus, but faith schools and academies can set their own.

Schools often also teach:

  • Personal, social and health education (PSHE)
  • Citizenship
  • Modern foreign languages (at Key Stage 1)



Sex and relationship education

Sex and relationship education (SRE) is compulsory from age 11 onwards. It involves teaching children about reproduction, sexuality and sexual health. It doesn’t promote early sexual activity or any particular sexual orientation.

Some parts of sex and relationship education are compulsory - these are part of the National Curriculum for Science. Parents can withdraw their children from all other parts of sex and relationship education if they want.



How are children assessed?

Tests and assessments

Year 1 phonics screening check

The check will take place in June when each child will read 40 words out loud to a teacher. Parents will find out how their child did, and their teacher will assess whether he or she needs extra help with reading. If a child doesn’t do well enough in the check they’ll have to do it again in Year 2.

Key stage 1

Key Stage 1 tests cover:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths

Children will take the tests in May. Schools will notify parents of their results alongside teacher assessments.

Key stage 2

Children take national tests in May when they reach the end of Key Stage 2. They test skills in:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths

The tests last less than 4 hours, normally across 4 days. The results are published in July.

The school will send parents the results of the tests alongside teacher assessments.



Press Release from the Department of Education


'More pupils in England reach expected standard at key stage 2'

More children across the country met the expected standard at the end of primary school this summer in English and mathematics, amid rising education standards in England, Minister for School Standards Nick Gibb announced today (10 July 2018).

Read the entire press release here: