#BrewEd what ?!

I attended my first ever #BrewEd event in February 2019 and I was also lucky enough to be one of the speakers at the event along with amazing leaders and educators like Ros Wilson, Drew Povey and Chris Dyson. I spoke about my experiences of anxiety and how I managed my well being following my first panic attack…it was aptly named, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons…’

This weekend I discovered a new magical realm, like stepping through a hidden door into Narnia, I experienced my first ever #BrewEd.
It’s safe to say, it exceeded all expectations AND some.
I have been teaching for 16+ years and I have honestly never felt such warmth, passion, love, inspiration and kindness in one room.
I was fairly apprehensive about speaking about life and its copious amount of lemons but I was given words of comfort from Ed Finch, kindly assuring me that I should do it.
I spent a week drafting and redrafting my words, until I could read the words without breaking down until the very end.
The day came and suddenly I was sitting in a wonderful venue, being guided along a rollercoaster of emotions as each speaker shared their words.
It was remarkable, so much so, if I could’ve bottled that up, I could sell it for millions.
I shared my story. It was like time stood still.
Every word that was spoken to me thereafter has now been neatly woven into my tapestry of life and I value each one.
If you are reading this and thinking, seriously? She’s going a bit over the top!
Trust me, if you’ve not been to a BrewEd yet, you need, no, you must go to one and if you have, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Check out my review at the official #BrewEd blog to find out more! https://just-brewed.org/2019/02/10/speaking-at-brewedpreston-georgie-tate/

I am also speaking at the first ever #BrewEdNotts on the 1st June and return to #BrewEdPreston in September!